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If Girls Awarded Their Partners With Points A La Hogwarts

My cat sniffs through my makeup collection, it's a thorough investigation. She puts her nose on a powder brush and sneezes on it.

Me, directed at cat: "That's makeup, Chloe. You don't need it. You're pretty already."

Husband, directed at me: "YOU don't need makeup. YOU'RE pretty already."

Me, directed at husband: "Aw, babe. Shutupppp."


(Disclaimer: Of course, women don't need to wear makeup. They ought not feel obligated to beautify themselves for other people. I wear makeup, because it's fun. My husband repeatedly communicates to me that he thinks I'm super cute when I've just woken up, no makeup whatsoever, and that's his favorite "version" of me. That's sweet and makes me feel great, but what I also love is that he shows genuine interest in my makeup interest. He knows the brand of my favorite lipstick, compliments me when I've spent time getting ready, and offers his honest opinion on what shades work for my skin tone (Purples and pinks?- "Oh no, baby, what is you doing." Browns and reds? "Oh yea, bay bay.") We've even looked at my nipples to find the perfect "nude" shade for my lips. Remember when that was a beauty revelation that was going around the internets? The point is my husband is really sweet, and I love him. I'm still going to wear purple lipstick on occasion. A girl can LIVE.)


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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