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Social Experiment

Y'all. What about this?

Say WHATEVER you want to say to the people in your life. Get EVERYTHING off your chest. No holds barred. Worried about the consequences? No matter. Just say that it was a social experiment.

Am I a genius?

You can literally say anything you want under the guise of a social experiment.

"Hey, I just wanted to say that the memes that you repost on fb suck ballz."

"OMG, like I super don't care about how you think having faith in god will get you through this struggle you're currently going through."

"Whoa girl. I know thick eyebrows are in right now, but please-- you know the front part of the eyebrow? It's not supposed to be that dark. And sharp. Just blend it out a little more. Trust. And also, they don't have to be that thick. If they're not naturally that thick, then don't do that. Please. Just don't do that."

"lol. guns."

"Have you ever thought about letting other people in the conversation talk? Oh, everything has to be about you? Oh ok. I guess we should all just go f ourselves."

"This is actually cultural appropriation."

"I think you're really mean and rude, but I also think it stems from a deep insecurity that you're too afraid to face so you hide it under this tough exterior, but I really see right through you, and you need to face your demons."

"UR SO CREEPY. Also, stop spamming us about your self-recorded album on every occasion, kthx."

The possibilities are limitless. Then you finish with, "This was just a social experiment. I didn't actually mean the words I said. It was just to see what your reaction would be."

Oh, the chaos that could ensue. But you're totally golden, because it's just a social experiment. Muahaha. Suckers.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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