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Terrace House

So Netflix just released part 3 of Terrace House (Opening New Doors), which is undoubtedly my most favorite show of all time. Eight episodes, and we have finished them all already.

In the span of two days. *Cries in Asian*

I waited so long for new Terrace House, and we've already breezed through all of it. As with any addictive television show, the options are always presented to you, the viewer: binge voraciously or savor slowly to prolong the viewing experience. The latter is the more responsible option. But damn, we just had to know if Shion and Tsubasa were going to get together or not. Jesus Christ, the anticipation!

In honor of these new episodes, I have compiled a list of reasons why I love Terrace House so much:

1.) The oh-so-delicious satisfaction of extreme people watching. I am so nosy. In real life, if I sense even the slightest hint of conflict between strangers around me, I absolutely will tilt my head inconspicuously and find out just what the heck is going on. I need to know who's right, who's wrong, what the backstory is, etc. The beauty of a show like Terrace House is that it's essentially just people watching, but presented to you in an easily digestible, neatly packaged 30 minute show. Who is crushing on whom? Who ate the special meat that was in the fridge? Who shaded whom? Is that guy really going to try and kiss her right now? Right now, really? EW. I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING.

2.) The comedic commentary. The commentators are ace. They say everything that I'm feeling in my heart, and it's so gratifying to hear them say it out loud on television.

"Yes, yes, that's exactly what I said," - My husband in agreement with Tokui during every episode.

3.) The romance. Call me crazy, but I put a blanket on my head and blushed when a certain couple finally got together. And when they kissed for the first time on screen, I legitimately screamed and punched my husband in the arm. "Oh. My. God. They are so cuuuuuute," I said, and then I grabbed my husband's hand, and it was SWEATY. He was nervous for them. LOL. We couldn't stop smiling. I was like, "Wow, I feel like you just asked me out for the first time... We are so old."

4.) The conflict. Watching Terrace House has taught me a lot about my interpersonal communication skills. Specifically how I suck at it. I seriously suck at communicating my feelings in conflict resolution. One of the most tense conflicts happened in Terrace House, Boys and Girls in the City (The Tokyo version), between two girls named Minori and Natsumi about making ahi poke. Watching Minori was like watching myself. It made me realize that I always shy away from speaking my mind in the most crucial moments, and that I let myself get run over by more aggressive people. Gross. It made me so frustrated to watch, because I knew exactly how she felt. That feeling of something's not right, but I can't communicate it properly. Instead let me just cry. Oh, the agonizing personal revelation.

5.) The food porn. Everything looks yummy.

6.) The theme song. The old one. Well, I've been stealing tiiiiii~me. Thinking if I triiiii~ed. Mew mew mew mew mew mew mew mew. So catchy. You know what I mean. Of course, the new theme song is garbage, but I sing the old song to myself when we watch, so it's fine.

You guys, watch Terrace House if you want to feel the joys and heartaches of the youths. I am no longer a youth, but this show warms my cold, 31 year old heart. I feel it all. Also, Shion and Tsubasa forever. Tsubasa is my hero. Her story has so much depth, and it's a real, true story. Seriously. I love her. And her dad. Her dad is super cute. I want to eat soba at his restaurant and drink sake with him. I don't even drink sake, but it sounds fun.

And now since we've watched all of the new episodes, I'm off to do the next best thing-- stalk my favorite house members on Instagram.



thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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