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Taste Buds (Buddies)

Scientists say that cats don't have taste buds for perceiving sweets, so tell me why my cat is obsessed with mini marshmallows and donuts?

That is to say, she will cry for a mini marshmallow, as soon as I open a bag when I'm making fruit salad. And if I don't give her one, she'll try to sneak her paw in the bag to swipe a few if I'm not watching.

That is to say, if I leave a bag of packaged donuts on the counter, she'll grab one and chew through the plastic until only a crumbled mess of donut sand remains in the torn up plastic wrapper.

That is to say, if I'm eating a pastry or a cookie or a cake, she'll come and see if I'm feeling generous. Without fail, she'll come and ask for some pretty please.

The only explanation I have is that she truly is her mother's daughter. Two generations of sweet tooth queens.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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