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Christmas Movie

My Hallmark Christmas movie.

A young journalist gets an assignment to cover a cat rescue sanctuary. She huffs at the fluff piece. It's just cats.

She drives to the cat sanctuary. Snow falls softly as she drives. She persists, but out of nowhere, a blizzard. She's caught in the midst of it. She pulls over, bangs her head against the steering wheel, letting out a long honk into the isolated winter wonderland.

Just when it seems she'll be frozen to death, a pickup truck appears. An average-looking dude rolls down his window and says, "Well, what are you trying to do? Turn into a popsicle?"

"Um, I'm stuck," she says.

"You sure aren't from around these parts, huh," he chuckles. "Let me give you a ride to the nearest building. It's the cat sanctuary."

"No thanks, I don't get into cars with strangers. Thanks for the offer though," she says. She rolls her window back up.

The next morning, the blizzard subsides. The sun peaks through her car window. It's beautiful. Snow sparkles on the trees. A bird sings its morning song.

The road is safe to drive again. She drives to the cat sanctuary. She profiles the rescue, she speaks to the coordinators, the volunteers. She meets the cats. A cute cat catches her eye. It approaches her.

She says to the cat, "Hey, you look like you could have a Christmas wish granted."


"Okay, I'll take you home."

She adopts the cat. She drives home. She writes the story.

In her home, a Christmas tree is beautifully decorated. The cat paws at ornaments hanging on its branches. She picks up the cat. "Hey buddy, I got a promotion, and you got a forever home now. Looks like Christmas wishes really do come true."



thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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