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Gift Wrapping Station (Cat Version)

The best Christmas helper is always a cat. Who needs an elf, when a domestic feline is so readily available to offer Christmas assistance? Especially in the gift wrapping department!

Today as I attempted to wrap a few Christmas presents, my honorable cat stepped up to test the sturdiness of various cardboard boxes by jumping in each one and vigorously rubbing her face against the edges. Gotta make sure the box holds up against minor shock.

Then we have wrapping paper. Wrapping paper needs to be walked on by dainty kitty paws to be broken in. Needs to be undone just a bit, so that it’s not too stiff. And if your wrapping paper is accidentally making a bit of a tunnel, then that’s the perfect way for a kitty to run through it and soften it up just a little. The only downside to this practice is that kitty claws may inadvertently pierce through your wrapping paper, but of course, this just adds character to your gifts. Razzle dazzle, if you will.

Tape. A good cat will always make sure your tape is sticky enough. The jellybean of a cat paw is the perfect smooth texture to test adherence. Yes, they may get your tape all fuzzy and hairy, but that’s the price you pay for solid peace of mind— tape assurance.

Lastly, there is the matter of ribbon cutting. You may notice your feline friend’s eyes widening at the sight of ribbon being unrolled. Pupils will undoubtedly dilate when ribbon is involved. Perhaps a bit of swiping will ensue. In this case, know that your cat is obviously trying to assist you in cutting your ribbon at the proper length. Cats are experts in long, string-like things. It's their favorite. Trust their instincts on this one.

I know I personally experienced all of these delightful assists from my cat today. Hope you all get to enjoy this merry holiday pastime with your cat(s), as well.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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