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10 Year Challenge

The ‘10 year challenge’ has been making its rounds around the internet. Here’s mines.

Still annoyed at everything, ughhhhhhhh, hate everything. Less tan, eye bags for DAYS, and precisely two white hairs in my mane at any given time. People say I look tired. Bish, I AM perpetually tired, and ain’t no amount of iced coffee gon’ enliven me.

Can’t wait for my 50 year challenge, when I’m full blown Okinawan grandma, hair turned white so I dyed it lavender, and I got a pocket full of saata andagi to nourish all of my loved ones. Are you hungry? Eat. Eat some more. Want me to make you some tempura? Okay, sit down, I’ll cook for you. Fill me in on the latest gossip.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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