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Representation matters. That's what I keep hearing. But I've never felt so represented until now. There have been other Asian American characters on television, but they've always been so one-dimensional. So only Asian. That's all changed.

Maya Ishii-Peters has represented me in media.

Middle school was the worst. I had a gap-tooth, a baby mustache, no one could ever hear me, and I also wore khaki overall shorts on my second day of my first ever period. In other words, I bled everywhere, and it was truly the stuff of nightmares. Like, honestly, everyone saw my period on my khaki butt. Like my whole school saw my first period heavy ass flow all over my khaki butt during chapel. Goddamn, that was like .. the worst ever. And when I tried to run away, my math teacher kind of paused in my way and gave me a wry smile like, "You're a woman now." But I was like, "No, I'm not a girl. Not yet a woman. I'm over. I'm dead meat. I'm period girl for the rest of my life. Everyone has seen what was once in my uterus all of over my PANTS."

Anyways, my husband and I signed up for Hulu just to watch "PEN15." It brought joy to my soul. I feel so seen. Me. Butterfly-clip wearing, Ace Ventura quoting, bento for lunch bringing, Asian American with an uneven bob haircut.

(A.K.A. period girl in chapel... Over the mountains and the sea, your period runs out of your vagina and through your pad.. and through your khaki overalls... )



thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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