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Chloe's too cool. She doesn't want me to hang around too close to her. She was on the pillow first, and there isn't enough room in this here town for the both of us.

Yesterday, my husband was changing his guitar strings, and Chloe was like, "!!!!" going for the loose strings. She's crazy about them. But we didn't want her to get poked or hurt herself, so I brought her into the bedroom with me and closed the door.

I sat on the bed, inviting Chloe to just come and chill with me. She lay down on the floor, facing away from me, reaching a paw under the door dramatically as if it so say, "Let me outta here. It's so boring in here."

So now I know... faced with the choice between her protector/provider/parent figure/warm lap/person or a pile of loose guitar strings, my cat would undoubtedly choose a pile of loose guitar strings. Me? Ew. Loose guitar strings? YES PLEASE, THANK YOU MA'AM. Looks like I'm just some chopped liver.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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