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Beep Beep

I honked my horn at a car whose driver had been driving for almost a mile while on his phone. I could see directly into his car, I could see his phone held up to the steering wheel, and I could see the side profile of his face, looking at his phone and not at the road before him.

So yea, I honked at him when he hovered at a green light, neither accelerating nor braking, because I'd had enough of his bull shite. And his mom or girlfriend or auntie or whatever leaned over from the passenger seat and flicked me off.

Like, what?

And it angered me and hurt my feelings all at the same time. I just wanted to convey the message that distracted driving is dangerous-- at the very least, you're driving like an asshole, at the very worst, you could actually kill someone. Like, a life can be taken. That's a thing that can happen.

But the honk of my horn was not enough to say all that. And I wish the tone of the horn could be altered to communicate my feelings properly. My horn could be like, "Beeeee- hey slightly annoyed that you're driving at a weird in-between speed and that I can see that you're on your phone, but hey, maybe just put the phone down or pull over if it's that important and we can all be on our merry wayyyyyyyyyy - eeeep."

And after getting flicked off, then I can switch my horn to, "BEEEEEE- OKAY, YOU FREAKING PRINCE OF BUTTHOLES, F YOU TOO, DUMB BITCHHHH- EEEEEP."

People tell me, "Oh, you're so sweet, do you ever even get angry?"

Lol. I get really bad road rage.

"Ha ha, yea right. Can't see it."

You don't want to see it. It's pitiful.

Cars can be fully electric, self-driving, bluetooth compatible, but until they can communicate my gripes to my fellow drivers, I won't be fully satisfied. Those that have wronged me must know their sins. My rage burns deep. The embers never extinguished.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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