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I saw a friend post something on Facebook recently. It was a photo of a sunset over the horizon, with text saying, "Everything is within your reach." And I thought about how far the sun is from all of us. It is not within any of our reaches. All I have within my reach is my grapefruit soda water, a computer, the keyboard, the mouse, my toes, a few pens, some knick knacks on the desk, and my phone. Even my cat is not within my reach at this moment. She is a few feet away, and my arms are not long enough. So like, I hate that post that my friend uploaded on Facebook. It's so dumb. Because.. just because there's a quote on top of a pretty picture doesn't mean that the statement is valid or inspirational. The sun is literally not within my reach. What, do you have the worst space and depth perception of all time? And if so, shouldn't you NOT be making little faux motivational posters for the internets?

So here's my little inspirational photo with text.

You can do anything that you can do.

You can do anything that is possible within your particular circumstances.

If you can do something, then you are able to do that thing.

If you hold your arms out and can touch something, then that thing is WITHIN YOUR REACH.

No one's arms are long enough to touch the sun from where they stand ON THE PLANET EARTH.

You guys are welcome. Now you are aware that you know things that you already knew.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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