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Kitty After Dentist

Chloe had her first teeth cleaning a few days ago. It was an ordeal. We fretted over the risks of anesthesia. We felt horrible about the stress she'd go through. But we knew it had to be done. For her health and well-being.

We dropped her off early in the morning, gave her lots of kisses, and told her the doctor was going to take really good care of her. "Be right back," we said.

So it turned out, there was one bad tooth that showed signs of resorption, which is when the body ABSORBS THE WHOLE TOOTH. Like it gets sucked back up into the gums? Which sounds so sci-fi, but it's a real thing that happens. Tooth is bad? No worries, slurp, it's going back into kitty gum-land.

The bad tooth had to get extracted. But guess what? Doctor said, "Chloe had a surprise extra tooth. It's healthy, so I'm just going to leave it be."

A surprise extra tooth. That's so cute. She's so evolved.

Chloe came home, high as a kite, with wide eyes. She was drowsy and weird. She was sleepy, but fighting it. Her mouth hung open. She looked at me, her pink little tongue was poking out. I imagined her saying, "Wait, is this real life?"

And for the rest of the evening, she was like a toddler who refused to go to bed. She sat in front of us with the sleepiest eyes, insisting on sitting up. "Chloe, go to sleep, get some rest," we said. She slow-blinked at us and stayed awake. "Seriously, Chloe, go to sleep. It's ok." She would not.

Also, she has a shaved patch on her left leg. It looks like corduroy or micro-suede. We had no idea. She's made out of a very soft fabric underneath. She's full of surprises. Surprise extra tooth, surprise really good at staying awake after anesthesia, and surprise made out of super soft premium fabric underneath.

The cleanest teeth in town, Chloe Bean Jones.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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