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Pizza My Heart

In seventh grade, we were going to have a pizza party, so our teacher was asking us what toppings we should get.

Of course, pepperoni. Of course, plain cheese. Sausage, yea, a few takers.

How about mushrooms, I said.

Raise your hands if you want mushrooms, my teacher said.

I alone raised my hand.

I’ve braved this path since seventh grade, perhaps even before that. It may be lonely sometimes, but that’s alright. I live my life with integrity.

I realize that I didn’t draw mushrooms in the above illustration, but that’s because ... I’ll be honest, I just wanted to draw a simple pepperoni pizza. But that doesn’t change my commitment to mushroom. Or to pizza in general. Pizza forever. I pledge allegiance to my pizza, and to the deliciousness for which it stands.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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