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Scrunchie Conundrie

I know that a woh-man should wear whatever she wants. If it makes her feel a-nice, then she ought to wear whatever the heck it is. I believe that. There shouldn't be an age limitation to any one particular style of clothing or hairstyle or makeup choice or shoe height, etc.

But I've often wondered to myself. Is there an exception to this? Like, specifically ... the SCRUNCHIE??

Scrunchies came back maybe a year or two ago. They are everywhere. I see them on Pinterest, on Instagram, at Free People, at Madewell, etc. And I've partaken in this scrunchie resurgence. I've got a few scrunchies in my back pocket, you understand. But the first time I put a scrunchie on as an adult, I wondered to myself, "Ummm, am I too old to be wearing this?"


Are scrunchies the exception to the "Wear whatever you want, you're a grown woman" rule?

When I wear a scrunchie, do people think to themselves, "Lol, look at that old ass 30 year old woman wearing a scrunchie..."?

What is the appropriate age for one to put away the scrunchie? To tenderly stash it away into the Caboodle and throw away the key? Some might say, "Seven years old. Definitely don't wear a scrunchie past age seven, since you know, you're not like, A TODDLER or whatever."

And I happen to fall in the "It's certainly questionable, but meh, it's allowable for an adult to wear a scrunchie" camp.

It still doesn't feel 100 percent right, for me, personally, as a 32 year old woman, to wear a scrunchie, but I will try my best to free myself from societal norms and do as I damn please. Pray for me as I attempt to reach enlightenment and scrunchie nirvana. Omm.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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