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La Push

La Push, baby. It’s... La Push.

That’s an iconic quote from the only Asian character in Twilight. That one Asian guy, you probably remember.

La Push was so magical, it made me feel like ... hmm... maybe werewolves are real or whatever. Like, I know it’s a book and all, but you never know.

I’m just saying. You never know. There could be werewolves.

The view was dramatic, the tide pulled and pushed in multiple directions, jellyfish littered the sand, and we watched a sandpiper run so super fast back and forth as the waves washed onto the shore. Sandpiper runs so fast on his skinny little legs.

So next time we go to La Push, I’m probably just going to stay there forever. And wrap myself in seaweed and stuff. And if I get mauled by a werewolf, at least, I got mauled at the most beautiful beach in the Pacific Northwest. And then maybe I’ll turn into sea foam, and it’ll be so poetic.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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