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Oh, Ancient One

I just celebrated my 33rd birthday. I never thought I would be 33 years old. My body has existed for 33 years on this earth. My nipples are 33 years of age. My booty.. also 33 years old. Mature.

Illustration is of my favorite donut in Seattle-- General Porpoise. I got flowers, donuts, coffee, beach time, yakitori, plum wine, husband time, it was a grand 'ole time. Actually, I know I'm old now, because I didn't get carded when I ordered a glass of plum wine at dinner. My face tells the story of where I've been. And it says, "This woman is an old ass bish. No need to card her. Obviously, she's over 21. Waaaayyy over 21."

Here's to getting my life in order. I am a real woman now.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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