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OOTQ- “Outfit of the quarantine.” It would be “outfit of the day,” but who are we kidding— it’s the exact same outfit as yesterday. (The underwear is different. It has been changed. It’s quarantine, but we’re not heathens, geez.)

I recently put on a dress to feel something. To remember the sensation. My husband asked cautiously, “Are you... trying to be sexy or ...?”

“Must I try to be sexy... or is it an inherent quality of my being?”

Just kidding. No, I wasn’t trying to seduce him. With all of this: *gestures to one’s self*

Notice the disheveled bun, hair is clumpy and unwashed, hair tie hanging on for dear life, dangerously close to unraveling it all.

Notice the spiky leg hair. The sensual curve of the ankle, the calf, the knee— they have not known a razor in an entire moon cycle.

I just wanted to switch up my look a bit, and now that I have, I can happily return to my wolf t-shirt. Wolf t-shirt, how true you have been to me. I shall never forsake you, wolf t-shirt.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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