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Metamorphosis Progress

So I have been summoned to return to the place of work, which means I must emerge from my blanket cocoon. Whether I am ready for this transformative process remains to be seen, but I feel like a caterpillar being roughly and prematurely awakened from slumber. And here I go— whoops, I’m still a caterpillar. I raise my arms in a “what can you do about it” type of shrug. My legs are squishy balls. I should have eaten more leaf.

What did you do during quarantine?

Well, a little bit of this. Little bit of that.

So you mean you didn’t learn a new language, alter your body mass index, complete your novel, singlehandedly solve the civil rights crisis or umm, I don’t know, grow wings? I’ll just say it, WHACK, bro.

I should have eaten more leaf.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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