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I tried to learn the viral WAP dance that's been going around, because the choreographer is from Guam, and duh, I have pride in my home island. I've been staying pretty limber and flexy these past few months, so PIECE OF CAKE. Or so I thought.

That last three-legged downward dog kick into a right split really put me in my place. And by place, I mean, in my 33 year old ass brittle bone having ass place. I was overconfident in my abilities. I heard a popping sound from either my groin or my hip, and so now I think it's only safe to assume that I've broken my butt.

And that's what I get for thinking I can drop it low, bucket and a mop, macaroni in a pot, something something. Si yu'us ma'ase for the body injury and the emotional distress.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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