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Am I A Fashion Influencer Or Am I Just Wearing A Free People Dolman Quilted Jacket?

It’s sometimes difficult to make the distinction.

If you saw me out and about during the cold weather months, it would be easy to come to the conclusion that I am a fashion influencer. You might even approach me to ask, “Hey, are you insta-famous? You look a little familiar.”

I would chuckle. “Ha ha, I get that a lot. Actually, I’m just wearing a Free People Dolman Quilted Jacket!” I gesture to my outerwear situation.

“Oh my goodness,” you would say. “Silly me, you’re right! It’s just that jacket. The one that every other girl has.”

“Guilty,” I say in feigned embarrassment as I toss my hair over my shoulder.

“Sorry, I should have known you’re not a fashion influencer.”

”Honestly. It’s a SUPER easy mistake to make.“

”Like, you probably don’t even have more than 300 followers.”

”Okay, well, numbers don’t mean everything.”

“And you probably haven’t influenced anyone to wear a single thing.”

”Alright, I think it’s time for you to go.”

Dear reader, you might assume that I regret asking for the Free People Dolman Quilted Jacket as a Christmas present last year, but you’d be dead wrong. It’s the warmest, coziest, cutest piece of outerwear I own, and I AM NOT ASHAMED. I’M WARM, AND I’M NEVER TAKING IT OFF.


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