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Bullshit Black Friday Deals


Oh my goodness, golly, we sent you ten e-mails, but you still almost missed our Black Friday sale.

I wasn’t planning on spending any money this year. Times are tough.

Well, you need these earrings. You’ve been eyeing them for two months now. Look how shiny they are.

I don’t need them though. Got these cute ones from Target that were only like, 7 bucks.

But if you buy two pairs, you get twenty percent off.


And if you buy three pairs, you get thirty percent off.

*Calculating in my head*

Did we mention free shipping??!

Well, damn, count me in then.

One more tiny thing— since it’s the holidays and all, we busy, and you won’t get your order until February 2021. But don’t worry, it’s like, not a big deal. You’re saving so much in the long run.

Man. This some bullshit.

Happy Black Friday!

*emphatically closes browser*


In other news, MOONJELLY BLOG has recently been added to a curated list of 24K internet gold. This is certified, 100 percent guaranteed, always-funny internet gold— not the kind that you order online for cheaper than you expected, arriving too small or in the wrong color. No, this is FREE content that never fails to amuse. Find my blog among good company on the webs at today! Go on, click the link now and ascend to a cloud of comedy.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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