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Hello, Would You Be Interested In Joining My Religion?

The correct answer is “yes.”

Hello, would you be interested in joining my religion?

What’s your religion?

*Holds up small capybara*

I’m interested.


If you are ever feeling completely devoid of joy, I highly recommend looking up videos of capybaras online. They have rejuvenated me immensely, and I wish to share the good news. For example, did you know that capybaras love to bathe in fruit water? Yuzu, strawberry, apple—you name it! If it’s a fruit, they can work with it.

Did you know capybaras are waging a war against pelicans? Pelicans frequently attempt to swallow capybaras whole. Don’t worry. Capybaras are winning.

Did you know that capybaras come in size mini tiny small? Just google “baby capybara.” They look like coconuts, which is why capybaras are also known as “coconut dogs.”

I’m not actually starting a religion with the main tenet being that capybaras are cute, but if I were, then WHAT’S THE PROBLEM?

Good luck with everything. Like I said, I’m not starting a religion, but if I were, and if you were interested, then feel free to e-mail me, and I’ll send further instructions for sending your tithe. Blessings.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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