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I Just Ate A Quesalupa

It was high on the quesa and even higher on the lupa.

Sometimes when I’m having a really bad day, I go to Taco Bell and order 100 Baja Blasts. Then I pour all of those Baja Blasts into the bathtub and just luxuriate in all of that Baja Blastiness. When I flop around in that turquoise liquid, I really feel alive. Mas. That’s why Taco Bell is one of the nationwide fast food Tex-Mex restaurants of our time.

Today I ate a Taco Bell Quesalupa, and it changed me.

I couldn’t even tell you what a Quesalupa is, but it certainly was high on the quesa and even higher on the lupa. Was it good? Well, it had cheese in it, I’m pretty sure, so there’s that.

I also feel stronger somehow. Do I even need the vaccine now? I just ate a Quesalupa!

The Quesalupa is a fast food item, and Taco Bell is a restaurant! What else can I say? The Quesalupa is dissolving in my stomach, and I am absorbing its many, many nutrients.

If you must try the Quesalupa, then it is a must-try (for you)!


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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