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I’m Super Not Jealous That Meena Harris Was Published In McSweeney’s


I started submitting to humor publications a few months ago. In that time, I’ve collected many rejections from editors. “Some fun ideas, but we’ll pass this time.” “Thanks for sending this our way, but we’re not going to publish this.” “Lol. No.”


It sucks—especially for someone like me who takes rejection of her work personally. You didn’t like my writing? Well then, I’ll just hide under a blanket for the rest of time then.

A few days ago, I saw that Meena Harris was published in McSweeney’s, and I was like, “What CAN’T she do?” Her piece was funny and sharp. Goddamn it, Meena Harris! I was jelly for a hot minute, and then I felt a burst of inspiration. I just need to dig in and be a super dope writer. One day, I'll write something good enough to see my name in McSweeney's.

I’m also going to print out every rejection I’ve received and make a patchwork vest that protects me against the pain of all the future rejections coming my way. Maybe soon my skin will be tough enough on its own. Like an armadillo. Armadillo writer—that’s going to be me. I’m going to keep trying, and you should too.

Consider this your sign to keep trying, bitch!


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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