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It's Ok To Be A Little Not Ok

Last night, as my husband and I were going over our grocery list for the next day, I heard an aggressive cough coming from my cat who was lounging on the couch behind me. I turned around to face her, and she was an angry boy.

She makes this noise, which is not really a hiss, but more of a QUOFF-kind of sound. It basically means, "Fight me, Bitch," and I think it's pretty adorable.

Her tail was fidgeting, which meant she was agitated. But at what?

There was simply no reason for her to be upset. We pointed that fact out to her, but she would not calm down. She looked at me defiantly, her little chin jutted into the air to show just how angwee she was.

So I did the best thing I could do for her: give her space. I moved off the couch and out of her paw's reach.

I had this epiphany that, you know, I can really relate to Chloe in these moments. She's agitated for no reason (or maybe a very smol reason), but she simply cannot be ok right away. It's that feeling when you know you're just a little bit not ok, and it cannot be fixed immediately. It cannot be rationalized away. It just takes some time to come down. And that's ok, if you can recognize what you're feeling and sort it out within yourself.

Like girl, like cat.

Chloe is an excellent teacher with tiny teef and sharp claws attached to her jellybean toes.



thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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