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Libra Season

It's libra season! But you'd never know, because we libras would never say so out loud. We'd just quietly twiddle our thumbs as to not draw attention to ourselves. Unlike a few other star signs. Ahem. Scorpios. Just kidding. I literally don't know anything about other star signs.

People share ugly memes that describe their particular attributes in relation to their star sign. But they're like weirdly specific.

Libra Ladies

They love to put a single tablespoon of pumpkin milk creamer in their coffee; they like it when a sauce is well-balanced; they're generous lovers, but don't tell them about the history of Seattle while they're folding the laundry or they will never look at you the same way again!

And people will be like, "OMG SO ME."

In conclusion, astrology is still a pseudoscience, which means it's dumb. It's fun to look at the stars and admire their beauty, but for a star??? to have the audacity??? to tell me that I'm charming??? and well-balanced??? My charm is minimal, and my balance? I could never do fouette turns in dance class, and that speaks volumes. Congrats, star, you played yourself.



thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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