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My Old Phone Just Made A Dramatic Video Showcasing All Of The Hamburger Steaks I Ate In Okinawa

You have a new memory: “Slideshow of many, many hamburger steaks”

My phone alerted me to a memory video it made. I didn’t ask for it. It just went ahead and made it and said, “I made dis for you.” So I watched it, and it was photos upon photos of hamburger steaks I devoured in Okinawa in 2017 set to an inspiring song. There were some shots of ikura and brown sugar soft serve that were snuck into the slideshow, but mostly, it was a whole lot of hamburger steaks.

Set to the uplifting piano melody, it felt like, "Wow, remember that time you ate hamburger steak for almost every meal while you were in Okinawa? You did that. You really did that."

I really did that. I'm really that girl.

I'll save the video to show my future grandchildren. Gather round, little ones. Let me tell you about the time I ate just so many hamburger steaks. Just so many of them. I'll never forget.

I'll never ever forget.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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