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Oh, To Be A Cat Napping Next To Sliced Avocado In The Sun

The fact that I’m not this cat is unacceptable.

I want to take my cat out to a wildflower field and read a book with sliced avocado and one mango, but it’ll never happen. My cat is strictly indoors, because she is too precious to come into contact with a single flea. Plus there’s eagles in these here parts. Also, she‘s just a baby, don’t you know. She’s turning nine years old in a few days, but she’s just a little behbeh still.

The one time I did take my cat on an adventure with me was when we had to exit the house due to maintenance. So I took little girl to the lake park where we sat in the car for an hour. I let her out of her carrier and put her on my lap. She was so timid and unsure that she smushed her head into my body. Then she crawled under the seat and wouldn’t come out.

She’s usually so brave and defiant, but that day, I had to knead and push her tiny body out of her hiding spot to get her back into her carrier. So I know a picnic in the sun would be too far out of her comfort zone. She’s just a baby.

We have our picnic indoors when the sun comes through the windows. She settles into a sun spot, and I open my e-book. Then she tries to slap apple chips out of my hand. Then she tries to get her tail. Then she sleeps. Then she wakes up and yells at me to feed her.

Precious, springtime, cat-owning bliss.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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