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The Sun Sparkles On The Water As I Fight For My Life (aka Run)

At least the sound of the waves masks my huffing and puffing?

The wonderful thing about running by the lake is watching the sun work its magic on the waves. Sparkling like little jewels on the glassy water. It's a bit of peace while I struggling to maintain oxygen levels as I slowly trudge up and down the path. I'm barely running by my third mile. I'm just kind of bounce-walking as I huff and puff and blow my whole lungs out.

There's beauty to be seen here. Not in me. Or my loud breathing. But in the light rays beaming through the clouds. In the buzz of bees as they collect their pollen among the wildflowers. In the trill of a jeweled hummingbird darting past me. And certainly not in my splotchy red face as I debate whether I want to pass the person who is awkwardly going at the same pace as me.

That's another thing. There's beauty in the strength I muster as I decide to overtake the person whom I've been trailing for five minutes. The act of defiance. No, sir with the short running shorts, I refuse to bounce-walk in your shadows no more! So I will burst forth and pass you and then start walking again as I try to catch my elusive breath. Hope you do not catch up to me and torment me with an identical pace again.

Truly, there is splendor to be appreciated at every turn. Like in the green goose poo that covers my path like confetti. Those boys eat so healthy. I should take a cue from them and eat more greens. It's also pretty cool how they hiss at me, and I can see down their terrifying pink mouths. Alright, goose, you win this time!

Yes, running by the lake is my most treasured activity. I love it. I'm fighting for my life, and my chest hurts. But wow. Look at all this natural nature. And the smell of weed emanating from that parked car. Gorgeous.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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