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V. Nipply

It's cold. Temperatures are dropping, and it's getting nipply out here, folks.

And by nipply, I mean, NIPPLY.

I don't even want to undress to take a shower. It's just too nipply. Even inside, under shelter. Out there, it's super nipply. But here too, also, it is nipply.

You might think, "Well, gee, how nipply could it possibly be?"

Well, it's 39 degrees, and it's rather quite nipply.

You might also think, "Is she saying it's nippy as in cold? Or is she saying that her nipples are very active?"

And you'd be right.

Times like these, I wonder to myself, "Am I cut out for this Pacific Northwest? Am I strong enough?"

And my nipples are like, "!!!!!!"

So that's my life as of current. Not wanting to bathe. Because I'm cold. Contemplating inventing a self-warming bra. Because I'm cold. Being extra irritable and complaining about how it's cold. Because.. I'm cold. Being extra neurotic about blanket distribution on the bed I share with my husband. Because yea, I'm cold af (as frost).

And hell hath no fury like a woman who's cold. Or scorned. Either/or, honestly.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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