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How to Reconcile with Your Pet After You’ve Stepped on Their Little Paw

First of all, how dare you

“I’m baby. You hurt.” Photo by Álvaro Niño on Unsplash

You absentmindedly took a step back. You heard the yelp of your precious baby just as you felt the distinct furriness of their paw under your foot. You immediately retracted, stumbled, spilled your coffee, and burned your hand. You didn’t even put your full weight on their paw, but the damage has been done. They looked up at you with their big, shining eyes — you tried to kill them!

Accidentally stepping on your pet’s paw hurts you more than it hurts them, but they don’t know that. You wish you could communicate to them that you didn’t mean it, but they don’t understand phrases such as “I’m sorry, little bean” or “That was an accident, which means it wasn’t on purpose, you stinky bug, you silly mister flufflemouse.”

Here’s how to reconcile with your pet after lightly stepping on their little paw:

  1. Let them step on your foot. Stick your foot out when they happen to walk by and gasp aloud when they step their tiny paw on you. An eye for an eye and a foot for a paw. It hurts, but this is justice.

  2. Bring them a present. A peace offering will distract them from the perceived attempt on their life. Dogs will accept a big stick or a slimy, drool-drenched ball. Cats will accept a mouse fighting for its life or a cardboard box of any size.

  3. Blow on their butthole — for cats only. According to an internet article I read years ago, if you gently blow on your cat’s b-hole, they will accept this as grooming. This will deepen your bond and encourage forgiveness — or it will make your cat think you’re weird. Desperate times, though.

  4. Legally change your name to “Bad Boy” or “Bad Girl” — for dogs only. If you want to show that you understand the gravity of your mistake, changing your name to reflect that is a big gesture. By only answering to “Bad Boy” or “Bad Girl,” you are letting your dog know that you are human trash, and they will pity you.

  5. Let them do whatever. You fucked up. You can’t tell them what to do anymore. The mug on the edge of the coffee table? Pushed off. The water glass on your nightstand? Tongued. The keepsake teddy bear from Grandpa, may he rest in peace? Humped! The dry-aged steak resting on the kitchen counter? Gone. The sauce reduction for that dry-aged steak? Licked. And also tracked on the carpet leading back to the teddy bear who is now a sauced teddy bear and who is being humped. Again!

  6. Forcefully hug them. The easiest option if you are a low-effort pet owner. Take your crying nugget into your arms and hush them into submission. You must activate your baby-talk voice for this to be effective. Something like, “Whossh a poor wittle baby wif a bwoken fwoot. Here I kiss kiss kiss muah muah awl bettaw now. Can you fowgive me, I’m so sowee sowee.” Squish them a little until they scramble out of your grasp.

  7. If all else fails, self-flagellate. Worst-case scenario is that your pet is weirdly into watching you plead for forgiveness. If you begin to sense this, you have to perform bodily penance to show remorse for stepping on them. I’m not going to go into specifics, but your pet’s a little freaky. Be sure to never get in hot water with them again.

Your relationship with your pet will not be the same after you injure them with your gigantic, heavy-ass foot. But if you follow these steps, you may come out of this incident with an even stronger connection than before. It doesn’t matter that the power dynamics have switched; what matters is that you’ve reconciled with your pet. You’re lucky they even gave you a second chance, you master-of-betrayal, snake-in-the-grass, Judas-at-the-dinner-table poop bag of all poop bags!

Good luck.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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