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Sprinkle Nose Jones

There's something on Chloe's nose. Sprinkles. Kitty litter. She just came from the bathroom. She shows us her nose. Sprinkle Nose Jones.

"Hey Chloe," we say, "Did you know there's something on your nose?"

I grab a tissue. I try to wipe her little black nose. She swats my hand away and whines.

"Oh, it's on purpose, I guess. It's decoration or something."

Chloe blinks her eyes slowly. Yes, the humans understand. She has done an art thing with her nose. It's sprinkly and beautiful, like an ice cream cone.

Ohh ok. Sorry, Chloe. So art. Very art. Innovative. Daring. A pioneer in her field.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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