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Introvert Type

Through this quarantine, I've realized that my exact personality type is IWWTGOFD, which is introvert who wants to go out for dessert.

No, I am not craving social interaction. My introversion crystal chakra is perfectly charged as I lounge in bed with the sun shining in through the window. Sitting at home with no pants on is comfortable. Wearing the same sweatshirt for days on end-- kind of IDEAL.

What I am jonesing for is the experience of going out for sweet stuff. When this is all over, I'm heading straight to my favorite donut shop in Seattle and eating at least two donuts right there. And then purchasing two more to enjoy at home later on. And then I'm hitting up boba and matcha tiramisu and chocolate croissant and cake batter ice cream, etc.

And now that I know that I'm a IWWTGOFD, I know myself a little bit better, and I can love and accept myself a little bit better. To be is to know and to know is to love and to love is to eat like, 4 whole donuts in one day. Self love, baby.

Cheers to knowing ourselves.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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