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Clam Up

Mermaid Motivational Book:

Inside you'll find a glistening piece of yourself. Look inward and find the pearl, the part of you kept hidden away from the trauma of life.

You might find you're stronger and more beautiful than you thought.

Mermaid Cookbook:

Shuck the clam open with the severed claw of a crab, stow the pearl away for necklace-making, then retrieve the clam flesh to add to your seaweed stew. Just kidding, we don't cook. We eat sea creatures raw, because we cannot cook soup underwater.

Clam Motivational Book:

People use the phrase "clam up," as if it were a bad thing. Like being quiet and closed off are negative qualities. It's time we reclaim this phrase. "Clam up" means to protect oneself, to literally seal ourselves off from the rest of the world. We "clam up," because it is necessary. We "clam up," because we can.

Clam Cookbook:

Eat whatever you can find from the sand. But don't eat sand. If you get sand inside yourself, just like, IDK, make a pearl or whatever. Let the pearl grow inside you like an ulcer.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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