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Spider Latte

There was a mysterious insect leg in my coffee jar a while back. It could have belonged to a beetle, but probably it belonged to a spider. There's a myth that we consume eight spiders a year, but who is counting that? Like what is the science to that statistic?

I did a poll on Instagram, and while only a few people responded, the results didn't lie. Spider or beetle, I asked. The results were overwhelmingly for spider. (And by that I mean like three more people voted for spider versus for beetle.)

I never met a spider I could trust. If a spider malevolently detached its leg and threw it into the coffee production to mess with humankind, what else are they capable of? So is my fear of spiders actually rational and not a phobia at all?

Folgers be like, the best part of waking up is spoder in your cup. And I be like, no, I'm dead.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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