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Exposed: He Laughs In His Sleep

It’s always nice to wake up to maniacal laughter.

It’s my husband’s birthday today, and in celebration, I am going to expose him. This is truly a deep and dark secret. It’s juicy. Ready for it? My husband laughs in his sleep.

I’m not talking a tiny, barely-there chuckle. I’m talking BUSTING OUT, straight up CRACKING UP while he sleeps.

It’s always nice to wake up to maniacal laughter in the middle of the night. I’ll be startled awake at the sound of his overt jubilation, and, of course, I’ll want to be in on the joke too, so I’ll ask him, “What’s so funny, babe?”

Sometimes he doesn’t even answer me. He’s just off in la-la-land, attending the comedy show of the year, apparently.

But sometimes, he does answer me. And boy oh boy, those times are a treat.

Here are some of the best answers he has given me:

”There are bears.”


”First prize for the best zori.”

”The left side!”

*Doesn't really answer, but instead does an impression of an obscure guitar YouTuber that I’m not familiar with*

In that last one, he dreamt that he saw someone who looked like a guitar YouTuber that he follows, and in his dream, he was making fun of the guy who looked like him by doing an impression of the YouTuber. He made himself laugh so hard that he ended up waking up.

I love this quirk of my husband’s. It’s ridiculous in the best way. It ensures that sleep is never boring. So happy pre-boomer birthday to my funny mister. May we live, love, laugh all the days (and nights) of our lives.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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