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Eye Bags Are In Now, Apparently

Concealer has left the chat

tired of it

”You look tired,” - someone.

”That’s just my normal face,” - a woman, sans under-eye concealer.

Eye bags are in now, apparently, and that’s good news for regular humans. There’s a TikTok trend that started gaining traction last month—it has creators accentuating the dark circles under their eyes with makeup, and I am totally, unequivocally here for it.

As someone who has struggled with eye bags since my mid-twenties, I‘ve gone through countless tubes and pots of concealer in my fight against the darkness. Glossier Stretch Concealer in “G9.” Nars Creamy Concealer in ”Ginger.” BareMinerals Complete Coverage Serum Concealer in “Golden Medium.” Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer in “Sand.” The names are so long, because they really have to convince you that their products will reverse the sands of time.

Have you tried this new concealer? It’s so bomb, it sucks the skin around my eye socket back into my skull like a gentle vacuum. It’s called, “Freshly Born Baby Skin With No Darkness Under The Eye Vitamin C-Infused Time Machine Concealer“ in the shade “1986, or Whatever Your Birth Year Is.”

There was a point when I tried really hard to cover up. I even tried baking.

If you’ve never tried baking with setting powder, let me just tell you: it takes too long, and it doesn’t even yield any cupcakes. Not a one cupcake. Major bummer.

Nowadays, I sometimes pat some concealer under my eyes, and it is what it is— a normal eye bag that is brightened slightly with makeup. And sometimes I just hang out with bags out. Eye bags-a-blazin.’ I can’t be bothered to pretend anymore.

If the rest of the world is down to normalize dark circles and eye bags, then I applaud this movement, and I stand with them. It’s normal to have shadows, darkness, bumps, and wrinkles.

I may look tired. I AM TIRED... of being conditioned to care so deeply about eye bags, but I am awake now. Eye bag shaming is out. Human is in. Color-correcting is out. Color-embracing is in.

Cupcakes— cupcakes will never not be in.


thank you, love you, xoxo ✨

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